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Dec 29, 2011 12:00pm PST
, a texas boy is about to get a new canine buddy. guide dog for the bland is sending a dog to be a buddy for a blind nine-year-old boy. natura was being trained to be a guide dog but was dropped from the training because of her fear of flying. her mission will be to help prepare the child with responsibilities involved with taking a gield dog. the nine-year-old does not know he is being surprised with a canine buddy. >> natura will be his companion. hopefully, one day, develop a guide dog. >> because of her fear of flying, she's going to be driven from san real to texas by a group of volunteer drivers. >>> new poll of iowa voters shows major shifts and changes in the first in the nation republican primary. this comes only days ahead of next week's iowa ka cusses. fox news' jennifer davis is in washington with the highlights >>> despite flurry of appearances around iowa, a new cnn time poll shows newt gingrich in a free fall. he had been under attack and says he is not surprised by the numbers. >> i think anybody who has 8 or $9 million of negative advertising, much of it false, is going
Dec 20, 2011 12:00pm PST
in the texas panhandle. this is the pa terp. it seals to be locked in. high pressure to the north. low-pressure system weak as it may be and it intensifies there's really no change in our pattern. some great information from michael in the city talking about how dry the city has been. there's only been .12. there is a no rain forecast for this week. next week does not look promising as well. there have been two decembers where there was no rain at all. that's been very little rain in northern california -- there's been very little rain in northern california. so sunny, breezy in the hills. mainly in the east bay i had. no rain expected. if you have problems -- travel plans, it's wind or fog. other than that, you are good to go. draw your attest to fairfield at 41. concord, 41. yet, 56, oakland, san jose, look at livermore, 15 degrees warmer than concord. that's the orally breeze. they also had some really cold lows, a lot of upper 20s around santa rosa and napa. other than that, high pressure is our fair-weather friend. windny -- windto the east. a little breezy and blustery. temperatu
Dec 28, 2011 12:00pm PST
until the iowa caucuses, there's still no republican front-runner. texas governor, rick perry, who is lagging behind in the polls is on his second leg of the tour today. ron palm, former house speaker, newt gingrich and former massachusetts governor mitt romney, are also making stops along the state today in a final push for votes. >> i hope you understand this is not just an election to replace a president. this is an election about the soul of america. this is an election about the direction america is gonna take and what kind of nation we're gonna pass onto our kids. >> recent polls place ron paul from a tight three-way race with romney and gingrich. >>> as the candidates gear up for the iowa caucuses, others are gearing up for occupy des moines. octie protesters are vowing to expand their demonstrations. they are expected to occupy the inside of campaign oses -- inside and outside of campaign offices, and will have a long list of grievances. >>> occupy protesters have set up a new camp in oakland. it sprang up yesterday in a vacant lot in west oakland near mandella parkway. pro
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3